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CertOfOrigin is the world's first web-based Certificate of Origin (CO) application and certification system. It provides a single interface for exporters and their agents to electronically apply for COs conveniently via the Internet.

The web-based system provides an integrated, electronic process for faster CO application and certification. It also allows the immediate transmission of certified COs to designated third party recipients in a secure electronic environment.

CertOfOrigin liberates the exporters from the manual tasks of submitting numerous supporting documents for their CO application, and physically dispatching the certified CO to the relevant parties after collecting it from the Authorised Organisation.

Exporters can now print COs conveniently from their desktop. They can also forward the document to a designated third party electronically via CertOfOrigin.

The entire application process is thus reduced from weeks to minutes, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the exporters.

Banks, overseas buyers, customs and other third parties can now conveniently access and download CO, as well as verify the authenticity of the CO, via the Internet through CertOfOrigin. They are also able to electronically connect to the exporters for seamless business collaboration.

CertOfOrigin allows integration with the authorised organisation's workflow to enable automated data validation for faster processing and certification of COs. The online process results in reduced paperwork and better efficiency for the authorised organisation.
Certificate of Origin