This mobile app helps you to verify the authenticity of SecureCODE embedded documents.

To perform the verification, simply scan the SecureCODE on the document. The app will automatically decode the SecureCODE which you can use to cross reference against the document.
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Setting up your Scanner

QR Code for 2018
QR Code for 2015-2017

Using your Scanner

Step 1

An easy way to verify Phidelity SecureCODEs

Step 2

Scan the barcode to decode the protected information.

Step 3

Compare the results with the values in the printed certificate to verify authenticity.

Topping up Credits

This option is only if you have scanned more than 100 times using this app.

Step 1

Tap on vCredits.

Step 2

Choose Request VCredits.

Step 3

Send Request.

Step 4

Click Send. Ensure email has been sent in your Sent Mail folder. We will respond with a vCredits QR code via email.

Step 5

Save the QR Code and repeat Step 1 and then tap on Input vCredits Image.
Alternatively, scan the QR code.