CertOfOrigin is an end-to-end web-based application and
certification system for Certificate of Origin (CO). It allows:

Exporters and agents to submit an application electronically from the comfort of their office ;
Authorised Organisations to certify the document online with easy retrieval of supporting documents such as commercial invoice, Bill of Lading etc. through data integration capability built within CertOfOrigin;
Immediate transmission of certified COs to designated recipients such as the banks, overseas buyer, customs etc. in a secure electronic environment


  • Existing Features
  • New Features/Coming soon
  • Enables faster processing of COs through electronic transmission of documents and seamless data integration;
  • Enables faster goods turnaround, which results in better cash flow and cost savings on interest charged by the bank;
  • Provides access to certified COs and printing capability to multiple parties at different locations anytime, anywhere;
  • Saves costs in terms of time and human resources for exporters and agents through electronic application and transmission of documents;
  • Ensures originality of COs through optical watermark technology, print control and unique web based issuance verification functionality for all the approved COs
  • Printing of COs with watermark and microprinting with any printer; (Live from 1st July 2018)
  • Approved CO is authenticated and digitally protected using blockchain technologies; (Live from 1st July 2018)
  • Streamlined Registration Process for Users for easy onboarding and renewals; (Coming soon)
  • EDI Integration for high volume users; (Live)
  • Express Feature - for urgent applications*; (Live)
  • Overseas Customs Integration for eCO recognition; (Live)
  • Other platform enhancements (Coming soon)
  • *Available for transactions with SICCI


Online Integration

CertOfOrigin enables online integration with exporters, banks, customs, third party operators and foreign buyers through the electronic transmission of CO

User Alerts

CertOfOrigin alerts the relevant parties involved in the certificate application/ approval process when an action is required or when there is an update in the status of an event.Some examples of the alerts are as follow:

  • The application is being processed ;
  • The application is approved, queried or rejected;
  • The approved Cert of Origin is received/printed by exporter, agent, banks, customs etc


CertOfOrigin uses Public Key Infrastructure technology to ensure data security and authenticity, and Secured Socket Layer technology as the communication protocol. For the end-users, they are required to use a SmartCard to gain access to the system. Usage of SmartCard ensures non-repudiation of a given action on CertofOrigin by the user. It will go a long way in resolving legal disputes arising out of underlying commercial transactions.

Data Integration

To apply and process a CO, other trade related documents such as commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading etc. are required by the Authorised Organisation. CertOfOrigin allows for seamless data/document import and export to/from TradePalette*.Data can also be imported from the exporters' system through an interface that allows online data transfer or data transfer in batch as structured interface files.

The system also provides interfaces to integrate with in-house systems of the other parties who require the CO.The electronic transmission of information to the integrated systems eliminates the need to re-enter a data.

* TradePalette (an initiative of CrimsonLogic) is a platform where an exporter interacts with his buyer, bank, insurance company, shipper/freight forwarder for a given trade transaction.Hence, all the underlying trade documents relating to the trade transactions are generated within TradePalette.The relevant data can be imported into CertOfOrigin from other trade documents. Workflow Implementation

For a more efficient application process and better documentation control, CertOfOrigin facilitates approval workflow implementation for the Authorised Organisations.The workflow can be extended to include agents or third party for seamless application processing on behalf of exporter.

CertOfOrigin provides controlled printing capability for exporters, agents, banks, customs etc. to print the certified CO when a hardcopy is required. This print function is controlled and monitored by the Authorised OrganisationTo ensure the originality of the document, CertOfOrigin uses Printer Control Language or PostScript to control the end-user printers directly, and optical watermarking technology to embed watermarks in the certificates to distinguish between the original and photocopied COs.