eCO is a web-based system where exporters, agents and chambers can manage the application and certification of a Certificate of Origin (CO) seamlessly on a single platform. By using the system, users can potentially have time and cost savings of up to 200%.


CO Application

Exporters and agents can apply for a normal or express CO to a chamber of their choice and manage the application in the system thereafter with functions to edit, replicate, replace or cancel the CO application.

CO Printing

Exporters and agents can print approved CO at their premise or at chamber's office. If an additional original or copy CO is required, an additional copy can be requested via the system.

When printing at premise, if a Print Control Proxy (PCP) compatible printer is used, the CO printed will have document security features. If a non-PCP compatible printer is used, the CO printed will not have document security features.

Courier Service

Exporters and agents can schedule a normal or express courier delivery with the GeTS courier partner at competitive pricing.


Exporters and agents can view each charge triggered for the usage of eCO system, and whether payment for that charge has been made.

User Alerts

The system alerts relevant parties involved in the application process via email when an action is required or when there is an update in status. Such alerts include application is being processed by Chambers; application has been approved/queried/rejected.

System integration

Companies who are interested to integrate your system with the eCO system for automated CO application and certification can contact us at for more information.



The system is easily accessible anywhere, any time with an internet access and a web browser. It provides an end-to-end service for exporters and agents from CO application to receiving the physical CO application on a single platform, without having to do it in person over the counter.

Digital Copy

The system consolidates all applications and related documents digitally in a single location which facilitates retrieval and tracking. This eliminates the need to maintain physical documents which can be cumbersome.

Cost and Time Savings

The digital process reduces the whole application process from days to minutes. Various chambers are offering lower CO endorsement fee when you apply for a CO through the eCO system. Through usage of the eCO system, courier trips can be reduced too.

Document Security

Physical CO applications are protected with various security features to ensure its authenticity and integrity.

Authenticity of Document

To ensure the authenticity a document against replication and imitation, the system uses optical watermarks and micro-print to prevent unauthorised reproduction of the document once it is printed.

Print control is also incorporated to ensure that the user can only print the number of original and copy CO approved by the Authorised Organisation.

Integrity of Document

To ensure the data in the document are real and not modified, the system prints a secureCODE at the bottom left of a CO which embeds the true CO data. User can use the secureCODE printed and the secureCODE verifier to check the CO data.


CO are also stored for 2 years in the system, as required by Customs regulations.